Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Welcome to My Nightmare

Bones breaking, blade pierces flesh, waterfalls of blood, 
soul leaves, a body dies

Heart racing, gasping for a breath. Rush of adrenaline. Feet too heavy to run. Too afraid to open eyes, terrified to close eyes. Darkness can be your friend, darkness can be your enemy. Would I want it any other way?.....NO.

Since I first saw a great white shark devour unexpected swimmers and priests expelling Satan from a young girl, I have been hooked on horror movies. The scarier, the better. The bloodier, the gorier.

Nothing is better than an all-night horror movie marathon. Lights out, movie on, escaping from the safety of daylight entering the chaotic darkness of nightfall.


I am one of your admins and creators of this page.  You may ask yourself, why would two chicks want to run their own page dedicated to reviewing horror movies. After surfing the world wide web, it was disappointing to see that very few females are reviewing horror movies, let alone run a site dedicated to gore/horror movies. Why is that? Don't females like a good gory tale of body slashing and dismemberment? Well this chick does. You won't find any romance or tearful flicks in my library. Bring on the guts and blood and with that....................

I bid you all bloody nightmares...


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