Friday, July 8, 2011

I have had a disturbing obsession with all things horror ever since I saw my first horror movie with my dad. It just so happens to be part of my favorite series, Nightmare on Elm Street. I was probably 10 when I saw it and I never looked back. The older I got, the more disgusting, morbid and disturbing my movie selections got. The more blood, guts, and mutilations, the better!

It takes a lot to get me freaked out, or to leave me feeling disturbed, but I’m always looking for that next ‘high.’ I love the feeling of being so scared after watching a movie that I’m afraid to turn off the lights. Make sure the windows are locked and checking the doors twice. Nothing beats it! While I enjoy watching anything American, I find J-Horrors and Asia Extreme to be my favorite! I love foreign horror films. They always take things to the extreme! Whether it be an extra scare or an extra dismemberment!

I am the second author and co-owner of Two Gory Chicks. I feel like the Horror genre is still somewhat male dominated…and there are not NEARLY enough female horror movie reviewers out there. That is something I plan on changing! Nyx is like my movie soulmate! I’ve never met someone who loves horror movies to the same degree that I do!


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