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Director: James Wan

Rated: R

Lions Gate - 2004

DVD Release: Feb. 15, 2005  103 Mins.

IMDb: A dead body laying between them, 2 men wake up in a secure lair of serial killer, "Jigsaw". They must follow various rules & objectives if they wish to survive & win the deadly game set for them. 

Wanna play a game?

This has become one of horror's most memorable questions. Jigsaw popped onto the horror scene with his own brand of saving individuals by allowing them to have an option if they wanted to live or die. The Saw series has since become one of the most intriguing series in the genre.

The first movie in the series, just titled Saw, begins with two men finding themselves chained at the ankle in a dirty, run down bathroom. The movie then takes the viewer on twists and turns, and with each victim, attempts to show people how they are responsible for their life and in the end, the ultimate moral not to take life for granted, and if you have been given chances to change your life, then take them and make it a better life for yourself.

The visual effects are not like your typical slasher, blood, guts movie. Sure there are some scenes that might make you squeamishly look away, but nothing to the point of making you turn off all together.

As a fan of horror movies, I've always been intrigued with the movies where the director can scare you more without showing you more. Darkness, sound effects etc, can provoke more fear than slashing and blood spraying all over, in this reviewer's eyes.

Throughout the movie, this reviewer found herself siding with Jigsaw and what he was trying to accomplish by placing people in life and death situations. It's not to say I condone torture and/or violence when trying to prove a point, but if you were given opportunities to change your life and you wanted to live, would you do everything in your power to survive?

Overall, I would have to say the premier installment in this movie franchise is wonderfully written, directed and produced. The musical score is utilized at the appropriate times. The acting is also fantastic. Tobin Bell (John/Jigsaw) gives his character depth, intrigue and makes a wonderful horror movie villain, or hero, depending on how you see him. Cary Elwes and Leigh Whannell grow as characters throughout their time being chained in the bathroom.

It's not mandatory to check out all the Saws before watching any of the others, but I would highly recommend having a Saw marathon and beginning at this one and working your way through to 2010's "The Final Chapter"

This reviewer gives Saw a sharp 5/5. 

Bidding you bloody nightmares,


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