Thursday, July 19, 2012

Psychic Experiment

Director: Mel House

Rated: R

Lions Gate: December 6, 2011

93 Minutes
From Amazon: A small town is being taken over by corrupted doctors, who take dying patients in the hospital and implant chips in their brains tracking each individuals innermost evil desires. With this powerful knowledge, horrific, unexplainable events start terrorizing the town, leaving many to question the hospital and the doctors' abilities. As the deceit escalates, everyone in town is left running for their lives in terror!

This is another movie that I got for like forty-nine cents at my local Blockbuster when it closed. How I wish I would have kept that forty-nine cents. I realize that there aren't many big name actors is this film; however, I expected more coming from Lions Gate. I'm not really sure where to start with this review but let's break it down.

Actors: There aren't really any notables in this film. The one that stands out the most is Paranormal Activities Katie Featherston and I can assure you that even her performance was subpar. That acting was terrible! And that is putting it mildly. I'm actually contemplating the fact that these "actors" may have been acting this poorly on purpose.

Effects: What? Effects? This movie clearly had a smaller budget than and PA film did and the effects were terrible. To be honest, I think there was only one and it was pretty bad. I should probably admit that I didn't actually watch the movie in its entirety. I was bored about 1 minute in but stuck it out at least halfway. This movie will never again have the privilege of touching my PS3.

Storyline: I'm a little confused by this-as was the person I watched it with. The story seems to jump all over the place. At one point I'm watching a strained parting between 2 people. The next there is a group of activists talking about....something? And then there is this child molester who gets stalked by some of this group....and then there is some weird dolls trying to break out of their packaging at the store? Confused? Me too. The storyline seems to follow no general direction and is completely sporadic.

I don't know what else to say about this movie. The acting was terrible, enough said. The effect were atrocious and the storyline made zero sense. I would highly recommend NOT watching this...Even though it's only $3 on Amazon, not worth it. I won't even post the link to the Amazon thing like normal because I am fully advocating non-buying lol.

My Rating: 1/5