Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bloody Reunion

Director: Dae -wung Lim

Language: Korean

Rated: Not Rated

Tartan Video: March 13, 2007

93 Minutes
From Amazon:
Originally titled To Sir With Love, Bloody Reunion is Lim Dae-wung’s Korean slasher about a group of young people who reunite with their now wheel-chair bound teacher. The happy gathering turns into a nightmare as old grudges and hidden truths surface and one by one the former classmates vanish in a series of unforgettably gruesome murders.

'Bloody Reunion' is not something that I would have classified as a Horror. It doesn't leave you feeling scared and the only scary parts that happened, were at points when something would jump out and make a loud noise...which happened once or twice. There was some gore in 'Bloody Reunion' but not a whole lot. It was a good movie with a decent plot but nothing too special. I also have to add that 'Bloody Reunion' is also known as 'To Sir With Love.'

The whole scenario for 'Bloody Reunion' is one that, I feel, has been played out. It's about a teacher, she was mean to her students, and we are led to believe that her students are seeking revenge on her. The movie takes place over a 24 hour period where each student who has shown up for the reunion is 'brutally murdered.' In the end, only the teacher, Mrs. Park and her helper/former student, Jung-won survive. I was disappointed with 'Bloody Reunion' at first. I felt like some of the actors were...trying too hard, but that could have just been their perception of the character they were playing. And some things seemed redundant to me. The ending, however, totally changed my perspective on most of the movie. Although, it's still not something I would definitively define as "horror" it was still really good! It ends with a twist! And I'm a total sucker for movies where there is a crazy twist at the end...like in Madhouse.

I think that Bloody Reunion is definitely a movie worth checking out. However, don't be shocked if you're left feeling slightly disappointed. It's a great movie, with good twists, and I liked it. But I think it could have been a little better or categorized differently.

My Rating: 4/5



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