Sunday, July 10, 2011


Director:  Bill Corcoran

Rated: R

Reunion Pictures 2008 - 95 mins.

From IMDb:  A set of vipers has been taken by the scientists, and they've mutated them to make a cure for cancer, Then their experiment goes awry, and all these vipers escape into the woods, and they're not only biting people, they're actually killing people, in a little town. 

 This was one of those movies that just happened to be on tv so I decided to watch it, but it turned out 20 minutes in to be so bad, but like a trainwreck, I just couldn't turn away. Snakes have always been a weakness of mine. I don't like them, in movies or in real life. As the description from IMDb states, it's about mutated vipers. Not only do these slithering beasts strike innocent people, but they continue to devour them. So much so, that in some cases all that is left are clothes and in an early killing a wedding ring.
The cast is pretty much made up of unknowns, except Corbin Bernsen & Tara Reid.  While the snakes themselves look pretty good, the animation and effects could use some work. When the snakes strike and attach onto victims, like leeches, I found it was over computerized and made for those parts to appear quite cheesy. Towards the end, the small number of survivors use everything from fire extinguishers, flares and even shotguns to fend off the snakes. They eventually lure them all into a greenhouse, turn on some propane tanks and set it ablaze.
It comes to an end when the main scientist who was trying to protect his own name, finds himself in the back seat, proud of how he was trying to keep the whole ordeal under wraps. He then hears a growl and a hiss, looks down and is face to face with one of his own creations. The screen fades to black.
The story I found alright, but with the computerized animation overused, I am going to say this is definitely a movie that is ok to have in the background as noise, while you are doing something else.

I have to rate this movie: 3/5

Bidding you bloody nightmares,


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