Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Ring 2

Director: Hideo Nakata

Rated: PG-13

Dreamworks/Universal Studio: August 23, 2005

110 Minutes
From Amazon:
Most contemporary horror movies depend upon a series of sudden jolts, executed with the finesse of a cattle-prod, to keep their audiences awake. The Ring Two offers something far more interesting: A slow but relentless creepiness that might just linger in your mind when the movie is over. A few months after the events of the first Ring, journalist Rachel Keller (Naomi Watts, Mulholland Drive) and her son Aidan (David Dorfman, A Wrinkle in Time) have fled to a small town on the Oregon coast to get over their awful experience with a cursed videotape. Of course, a copy of the videotape finds its way there, and soon the troubled spirit of a girl with long, face-obscuring black hair is worming her way into Rachel and Aidan's lives by worming her way into Aidan's flesh

'The Ring 2' is the second movie in 'The Ring' series and a remake of 'Ringu 2.' Where 'The Ring' was chilling, creepy, and scary, 'The Ring 2' is deep, a little creepy, and has it's moments. 'The Ring' was definitely my favorite of the 2 movies but that's not to say 'The Ring 2' wasn't good; it definitely was. All the same actors and characters that survive the first Ring movie are brought to the second. Again, Naomi Watts is in 'The Ring 2' and she is an amazing least to me!

The story is that of Rachel and Aidan. They have managed to escape Samara and are living in a new city. Little do they know, that through the tapes she has tracked them down and opened a whole new world of trouble. 'The Ring 2' goes in-depth into the story of Samara. What happened to her and why she is after Aidan. A notable actress in the movie is Stephen King's Carrie, Sissy Spacek. She's great in here too, even if her part is really small. Well this movie was not as scary as it's predecessor, it's still got it's moments where things make you jump. And what Rachel has to do to Aidan to save him is scary itself to think about.

'The Ring 2' is definitely one of my more favorite movies even though I didn't like it as much as The Ring. A few good things I did like: Naomi Watts, Sissy Spacek, story line even though a little inconsistent it's still good, great acting, Ringu director, and I personally like learning a little more background about characters. I think it's good to know where they are coming from and what happened. It's what makes us like, love, or hate a character in a movie, book, comic, video game, whatever! Overall, fantastic movie and definitely worth checking out!

My rating: 4/5


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