Wednesday, October 5, 2011

1st Annual Halloween Giveaway!

Nyx and I are happy to announce our first every Halloween Giveaway!! This is going to be an annual thing so every Halloween, be on the lookout for a great Halloween Giveaway or contest!

Just a note, this contest it NOT open internationally, sorry guys! For now it is only available to the US and Canada. We will be considering expanding to other countries next year.

Before you fill out the form, you are eligible for 1 bonus entry for each Tweet, 2 entries for a blog post, and 2 entries for a Facebook post as long as you provide the links to each on the form. That's a total of 5 additional entries!

To enter, just fill out this form:
Two Gory Chicks Halloween Giveaway Form!

When you are done filling out the form, go to this link and complete the mandatory horror movie trivia challenge! After completing both items, you will be entered into the drawing for the awesome prize pack!
Horror Movie Trivia

When you are asked for your name for the Horror movie trivia, make sure you type in one of the names you used to enter the contest with or you will not be entered! You need to fulfill both requirements in order to be eligible.

Also, I just realized that you can't see the flyer very well unless you click on it. So, the rules are as follows:
1. You MUST be 18 or older to enter
2. You have to be a follower since this is a follower giveaway!
3. You must fill out the entry form and complete the movie trivia to be eligible.
4. None of the information you provide to us will be used or given to anyone else under any circumstances! The prize pack will be mailed with confirmation of delivery and a signature will be required.
5. You have to be willing to submit a picture of the prize pack either with you holding it or with it on the table or somewhere for us to post on our FB page and blog.
6. Open to US and Canada ONLY! Sorry guys! Although it is not open internationally this time, we will be doing international contests in the future!

The prize pack that you are entering to win is:
This amazing cauldron of goodness includes DVD's, CD's, candy and other Halloween type goodies! So make sure you enter because we're excited about it and you should be too!!

One more thing, if anyone notices any problems, please please PLEASE send me or Nyx an email or fill out our contact form on our contact page ok? Thanks guys and good luck!


  1. Just entered. Fingers crossed...even though I totally failed the quiz. Sheesh.

  2. Thanks for entering....we wish you all the luck!! I'm sure you did great. :)) Stay tuned for the draw...Nov 1.

  3. Just did the trivia quiz, but I was unable to see the results, and it would not acknowledge my user name. (Maybe because I just signed up?)