Thursday, October 27, 2011

Exit 33

Director: Tommy Brunswick
89 mins. August 2, 2011
Norma Koza Productions

From IMDbA few miles off EXIT 33, lies IKE'S LAST CHANCE GAS. A secluded sleepy hideaway where Ike prepares a special jerky for customers, and a terrifying secret. Ike and his son are controlled by a mysterious ghost, whose bidding lead Ike to abduct and torture beautiful women travelers. But, there is more to this story than meets the eye... literally!

The first thing that attracted me to this film was the main star: Kane Hodder. For horror movie buffs you will know this name from four Friday the 13th films. Kane played Jason Voorhees in VII-X. I have always admired Kane's work. It was different seeing him without a hockey mask..but he still carried some of the same characteristics as his previous villain role.

The description from IMDb is very accurate. Hodder plays Ike. A hunter who owns a gas station located on Exit 33. The gas station is located on a wooded road, out in the middle of nowhere. No cell reception (how convenient). The gas station is known for it's famous "beef jerky". The first time you see Kane, is behind the counter in the gas station reading a copy of Fangoria Magazine. From the get go, it was your basic movie. Pretty girls, getting attacked by a big scary looking guy, out in the middle of nowhere. 

A couple parts had me laughing out loud literally. Early in the movie, there is a car travelling on a highway, heavy metal music blaring from the car stereo. A cell phone rings and the girl starts swearing into the phone, telling the person on the other end "I hate you, I'm moving to Canada". I mean, umm, ok..sure come up here and escape your problems. Of course, a few miles down the road she notices the gas in the car is getting low and sees the "Last Chance Gas" Exit 33 sign. Nothing was out of the ordinary this first customer. She pays for gas and Ike tells her to use 'pump 9'. She gets her gas and then leaves. A short time later, her car starts having problems and she pulls over. A white truck pulls up, Ike gets out and hits her over the head with a tire iron. You don't know what plans he has for them, until after the second victim. There you see Ike spooning out the eyes of his victims. But they remain alive. 

As each car pulls up to get gas, Ike makes sure to tell them which pump to use. The men were told to use pump 3 and the pretty girls pump 9. It's only later in the movie you see him filling up the pump 9 with the water hose. He continues to have flashbacks to happier days; proposing to a pretty girl, then with a baby bassinet and finally drunk holding a gun in the woods, which results in the shooting of the girl in his memories. It seems to make sense as to why he was killing these girls and taking their eyes. 

The movie progresses quickly, and you finally find out at the very end what happened to drive him to do this. I found the storyline to be ok, and Kane's acting is very similar to his Jason days. Including a scene where he's chasing a girl through the woods. 

It's not a movie that I would rush out and buy, but if you are a fan of Kane's then it's worth checking out. It's a way to pass some free time and just watch a movie.

I'm gonna rate this 3/5 simply for the fact that Kane is in it.

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