Sunday, August 14, 2011

5ive Girls

Director: Warren P. Sonoda

Rated: Not Rated

Cutting Edge: October 10, 2006

95 Minutes
From IMDb:
Five wayward teenage girls are sent to a reformatory and discover they possess unique powers to battle the ancient demon, Legion, which holds thrall over the sinister institution.

I was really hoping that '5ive Girls' was going to be a good movie...or I'd at least get some type of enjoyment out of it. I honestly feel like it was made by some horny high school guys. I mean, the movie has an incredible opportunity to be fantastic but there were SO many letdowns and bad lines, bad acting, and really annoying in general. I'm surprised I actually watched the whole movie.

The "five girls" are a bunchy of skanky virgins who are dropped off (or abandoned) at an old, shut down catholic school. This catholic school is like a boot camp, reform school for "troubled" catholic people...or, in this case, troubled girls. And...the girls that are "troubled" in this movie are a blind girl, a blind girl! HOW does she cause trouble? And they are all good girls...I mean apart from being misunderstood or whatever, they are like..."don't go upstairs Father whatever told us not to! We'll get in trouble, OH NO!" Lame, right? And the whole, made by horny guys, at the beginning when the girls first get to the school, they are stripped to their bra's and panties and "searched" by the head mistress. The head mistress who needs to squeeze their boobs, I think she pulls something out of one girls ass? I don't really know the deal there. And, they do this in front of the priest. WHAT? lol. And then, as punishment, the headmistress has to smack the girls on their ass' with a ruler. And then, all of a sudden, BAM! They are lesbians. W.T.F?

Anyways, it's blatantly obvious that I didn't like this movie. The script was terrible. Terrible. The acting was almost as bad. The only parts that weren't entirely annoying, was when the girls were possessed and that didn't last long. Although, it had potential to be a good movie, it wasn't. But, it wasn't the worst movie ever, which is why I'm not giving it a one.

My Rating: 2/5



  1. I was disappointed in this movie as well. I felt in some ways it did have potential but in other did come off Life Time channelISH, which isn't a bad thing! Just not what I thought! :P

  2. You are brave! I give up usually after 15 minutes, sometimes 5.