Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Director: William Butler

Rated: R

Lions Gate: February 22, 2005

91 Minutes
From IMdB:
A young psychiatric intern unearths secrets about the mental health facility in which he works.

'Madhouse' and 'High Tension' are both two of some of my favorite movies. I love a good movie that has a crazy twist at the end and this is one of them. I like 'Madhouse' on a few different levels because of a few different reasons but it may not necessarily be a good movie for everyone. I like it because it's twisted and dark. The acting is pretty good...right? Lol. I think that I don't notice things bad with movies that I really like haha.

'Madhouse' takes place in a mental institution. It's about this doctor who is working there for his internship and all the other doctors, security and nurses are like crazy...sort of. They abuse the patients and all that kind of stuff. And there is this major twist at the end of the movie which is super amazing! So, I like that it takes place in a mental hospital because, that's like my dream job. It sounds pretty morbid I guess but I would love to work there and I'm actually going to school to be a psychiatric nurse practitioner. And I like that it has a twist at the end and shows just how bad some of these places can be.

Anyways, I think that 'Madhouse' is awesome and you should definitely check it out. Also, if you haven't seen High Tension, I recommend that one too both are amazing and the same type of movie. I'm probably going to review 'High Tension' soon too so watch out for that. For now, watch 'Madhouse' it's pretty sweet! I'm surprised more people don't know about it...

My Rating: 5/5

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  1. If it's like High Tension I'll certainly check it out! Thanks for the review Ginger.

    P.S. the length of your reviews fit my attention span perfectly, so thanks for that lol.