Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ab-normal Beauty

Director: Oxide Pang Chun

Language: Cantonese

Rated: R

Tartan Video: December 26, 2005

101 Minutes
From Amazon:
Jiney is a beautiful and talented photography student. One day she witnesses a gruesome car accident but instead of being horrified she finds herself aroused. Overcome with an excitement and satisfaction, she becomes obsessed with photographing death. Her obsession with death may just get her killed.

I was bored today and didn't feel like working on homework so I decided to browse through my netflix and I found this movie on there. It's not going to be available for Instant Queue after November 30th so I decided to watch it now. It was actually really good. I love the fact that the movie totally lets you into Jin's world as she descends into madness through her death obsession. The actress, Race Wong, portrayed Jin amazingly! Overall, awesome movie. There were a couple of things that I didn't particularly like but overall, it was faaaantastic!

So, the movie is about this chick named Jin and her...girlfriend (?) I think....Jas. I don't actually know if it's her girlfriend as that is never directly stated BUT they act like girlfriends. But then there is this part where Jas' parents come home and Jin is like, "Hi Aunt, and Uncle." WHAT? haha. Ok. Anyways, moving on. So, Jin and Jas like photography and they just walk around taking pictures and things. Well, at one point Jin takes a death shot of this woman who was hit by a car dieing thus resulting in her obsession with death. This Jin girl just completely gets consumed by death. I really liked watching her go, practically, insane because...well...that's always fun right?

I definitely recommend checking this one out. If you have Netflix, you can check it out on instant queue until November 30th....if not then...whatever haha. I'd check it out though. It was actually really good even if it isn't exactly scary...or terrifying or too gory, it was still great!

My Rating: 4/5

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